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Carburetor Type          plunge type  
Spark Plug Type          D8RTC
Cooling                  Air-cooled
Lubrication Type         pressure  splash
Ignition Type           CDI
Number of Cylinder       single
Combustion Cycle         4 strokes
Compression Ratio        9.2:1
Bore and Stroke          67mm×65mm
Horse Power (HP)         18 HP
Max Power (KW/RPM)       13.5kw/7000r/min
Max Torque(N.M/RPM)      18.5N.m/5500r/min
Generator                167FMM
Lights? (Y or N)         Y
HI / Low Beams Y or N    Y
Drive System Type        Chain drive 
Reverse (Y or N)         Y
Gear Ratio               4-speed/1-reverse
Max speed                85Km/h
Front Type               Double swing arm and unit suspension
Rear Type                Central unit shock absorber
Travel Front             40mm
Travel Rear              45mm
Shock Type Front         Adjustable Spring Hydraulic
Shock Type Rear          Adjustable Spring Hydraulic
Front Brakes             Drum brake
Rear Brakes              Hydraulic pressure disk
Front Tire Size          AT21x7-10
Rear Tire Size           AT20x10-10
Length                   1700mm
Width                    1060mm
Height                   1080mm
Seat Height              780mm
Wheelbase                1140mm
Vehicle Weight           158kg
Weight Capacity          180kg
Ground Clearance         150mm
Oil Capacity             4L
Battery Type             12V9Ah       
Carton Length            1480mm
Carton Width             880mm
Carton Height            860mm
Shipping Weight          190kg
40 HQ Container QTY      62
20 FT Container QTY      20