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110cc automatic clutch, 4 gears optional: differential

Overall length 1900mm

Overall width: 800mm

Overall height: 1060mm

Wheelbase : 1400mm

Dry weight : 118kg

Max. load: 200kg

Front wheel : 2.15×12

Rear wheel: 2.15×12

Speed, max: ≤50km/h

Brake distance: <7m(30km/h)

Climb ability : ≤17°

Ground clearance : 130mm

Cylinder bore×stroke: 52.4mm x 49.5mm

Compression ratio: 9.1:1

Output, max: 5.0kW/7500rpm

Torque, max: 6.8N m/6000

Idling speed: 1500 ±150r/min

Displacement of cylinder: 107ml

Spark plug: C7HSA

Spark plug gap: 0.6-0.7mm

Cap of air Valve Intake valve: 0.03-0.07mm

Exhaust valve: 0.03-0.07mm

Volume of lubricating oil: 0.95L

Fuse: 15A

Capacity of gasoline tank: 3.2L

Battery : 12V 4Ah

Transmission ratio

1st gear: 2.833

2nd gear: 1.706

3rd gear: 1.238

4th gear: 0.958

Transmission ratio of sprocket: 3.214

Primary transmission ratio: 4.059

Front light illuminator: 12V-35W/35W

Taillight/braking light: 12V-5W

Betraying light: 12V-5/21W

Turn light: 12V-10W

Turn indicator :12V 3W

Meter light: 12V 3W

High beam indicator: 12V 1.7W

Ignition means: C.D.I

packing carton: 1750*780*860mm, 40HQ: 57 units